SEO for small businesses: How can I also be found on Google?

Of course, they still exist, the printed yellow pages or the elaborately and expensively prepared advertising folders in which potential customers can find out about a company. However, 4 out of 5 Internet users now look for information about local businesses and services online. Therefore, it makes sense, especially for small businesses, to be present on the Internet, to build up the brand there and thus leave an informative business card for interested parties. After all, a website is a wonderful way to get customers excited about one’s own product and thus drive new customer acquisition.

The only prerequisite for this is that your own website also meets the requirements of the users and those of the search engines. Then you can achieve top rankings for the most important search terms and be found. The economic success depends to a large extent on the rankings of the search engines. Only companies that are visible here consistently gain new customers. We as a full service digital marketing agency offer you the package SEO Mittelstand to optimize your website locally.

So let’s take a look at what aspects you should pay attention to when optimizing your website.

For which keywords do I actually want to be found?
It is of crucial importance to know for which keywords my website should rank. It is not very effective to rank for terms that have little or nothing to do with my service/product. Therefore, find out with the help of a keyword research, for which search phrases your page should rank. The keyword research is done either on your own with the help of various SEO tools or better by an SEO agency. If you then know which keywords are important for your company, you can align your website accordingly and be interesting for new customers.

Copying content, not creating added value, making content monotonous – not like this, please!

After determining the thematically appropriate and frequently searched keywords, the next step is to create unique content. Internet users like to read high-quality, interesting, unique and easy-to-read texts. If possible, enrich this content with meaningful infographics or videos. Search engines naturally want to serve your customers (Internet users) in the best possible way here. Therefore, it is crucial to put in the necessary effort when it comes to content creation. The content created should be targeted to the keywords and equally to the needs of the website visitors. Include enough paragraphs and subheadings for a pleasant readability. Consider different content types, such as bulleted lists, quotes, graphics, podcasts or videos.

Get the basics right
One step at a time – that’s the motto. If the basic technical details of your own website are not correct, even the best onpage optimizations will have no effect. Check whether your own page is also indexed. Because only then Google will take you into account. A quick tool to determine this is the Firefox plugin Seerobots. Further keywords are

the loading speed,
the functioning display on the smartphone
or the optimization of the title and meta descriptions.
With the help of the optimization of the meta description, Google users easily grasp the most important website info, and there is also a targeted incentive to visit the website.

The importance of local search
Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as for self-employed people, it is of enormous importance to be found in local search.

For example, if I run a sporting goods store in Hannover, it makes sense not to rank for the term “soccer shoes”, but rather for the search phrase “soccer shoes Hannover”. Someone who wants to find a store in Hanover where he can buy soccer shoes will find it unerringly via the local search. The intention should be to significantly improve the visibility of the company locally. In this context, the optimization of the Google My Business account is crucial. If the Google My Business account is maintained, your website can be suggested in a local search query, since Google uses the IP address to determine where the requester is located. The location gives the clear indication to display the most relevant content with a regional reference.

Positive signals from outside
Good, valuable content is rewarded on the Internet and shared by users. This happens in the form of a link pointing to the target page. The more other internet users report about your page, the more interesting and important your page seems to be. Google honors this in its rankings. Link building is still a very important “discipline” for a successful search engine optimization at Google: the ranking of a website depends to a considerable extent on the incoming links. It is important that your website stays in the conversation, is shared and mentioned in a thematic context. For example, networking can create partnerships and reciprocal links can follow from that. Or an interesting article in a blog mentions your website. Another option is to list your own site in online directories. All this, if done correctly, has a positive effect on the ranking of your website.

It can be concluded that search engine optimization is very important even for small businesses. Good positions in local results form the basis for long-term success. With commitment and time, it is possible to optimize your own website profile on your own to improve its findability on the Internet. But the devil is in the details. Incorrectly implemented changes quickly have undesirable negative effects. Trust a professional SEO agency to optimize your site and achieve long-term success.