No registration: First country bans Tesla truck

Australia has now banned the operation of the Tesla “Semi Truck” on public roads. The truck is simply too wide for the regulations there. Tesla doesn’t want to change anything about the trucks, but is calling for an amendment to the Australian regulations.

What is a truck in our country is called a “semi” or “semi truck” in the U.S. and other English-speaking countries. Now Australia has turned down Tesla’s announced semi truck. The reason is simply the width of the truck. According to regulations in force in Australia, trucks are only allowed if they are 2.5 meters wide or less. The Tesla tractor-trailers, however, are between three and five centimeters wider, reports thedriven.

The dimensions are not a problem in the U.S., where a width of up to 2.6 meters is allowed. Even in the EU, the Tesla trucks would be permitted. However, companies are showing initial interest. Such trucks are perfect for pick-up pallets. Here, a maximum width of 2.55 meters applies. In view of the small sales market in Australia, Tesla does not want to change the trucks, but the regulations there. In a statement on the National Law Review of the National Transport Commission for heavy vehicles, Tesla has already called on the government to change the rules.

Australian Trucking Association also in favor of changing the rules.

“The Commission will be aware that given Australia’s small size compared to world markets, such inconsistencies between Australian regulations and larger markets will delay or preclude the arrival of vehicles in local markets. Currently, Australia is likely to miss out on first-generation electric heavy-duty vehicles such as the Tesla Semi, ” the statement said.

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) also supports a change in regulations, stating that keeping the current regulations in place would only hold up the arrival of zero-emission trucks. “To allow zero-emission or newer, lower-emission trucks on Australian roads , the ATA is calling for new rules on the dimensions of heavy vehicles and believes that the Australian truck width should also be changed to 2.6 meters.

Tesla trucks could be rolling in this country as early as 2022

Tesla also wanted to change the law in this country regarding its trucks. Tesla wants to abolish the Sunday and holiday driving ban for its electric truck, we reported. The first Tesla e-truck is expected to hit the market as early as this year. The semi-truck, which Musk unveiled back in 2017, is said to have a range of 800 kilometers. Fully loaded, acceleration from zero to one hundred is said to still be a relatively sporty 20 seconds. The basic version is to cost $150,000. From 2023, at least 100,000 electric trucks are to roll off the Tesla assembly line each year. This would make Tesla one of the world’s largest truck manufacturers.